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Originality - does it really matter in modern marketing?

Victoria Keyworth

There are two schools of thought in marketing - some think originality is just cleverly concealed imitation, and others believe originality is key.

We've worked with some amazing businesses from initial branding through to long term marketing strategy, and it's always interesting to walk the line between using tried and tested techniques and coming up with something completely new. 

There is of course, comfort in already knowing something works. It’s in our nature to lean away from the unknown. But does that mean we should? If there’s one sure fire way to get lost, it’s by following well trodden paths, with no direction of your own. 

I work on social strategies and content for clients and we naturally look to the marketplace to see what other brands are doing; things that work and things that don’t. We network, connect and get to know other brands. 

There’s something exciting about seeing a brand come up with a really original concept; whether it’s a new way to promote, or just a well designed graphic.  In the marketing industry championing the successes of others is so important, when someone does something well it should be celebrated.

Originality breeds originality

If someone has created something amazing, let that inspire you. It’s like reading an incredible book. You’re left wanting to be an author, not wanting to re-write it. 

To be clear, originality doesn’t mean starting from scratch. It’s about approach, it’s about having something new to say and it’s about repositioning.

Spring at Think Creative

Why does originality matter?

  • Your brand is you - your morals, ethos and every single member of your team. You are an original, there’s no-one quite like you and your brand should reflect that.  Everything from tone of voice to imagery should reflect the uniqueness of your brand. You want to stand out and be instantly recognisable to your audience. 

  • It shows that you’re listening, taking the time to understand your customers and how to connect to your community.  Originality is in your approach, and imitating someone else's could ruin your credibility.

  • Google loves originality! From a purely SEO and (especially) AEO point of view, brand recognition is incredibly important. Original content, original imagery and an authentic community is all taken into account and Google will rank your brand accordingly.  

Where do you start?

Spring is the perfect time for a refresh, to start heading in a new direction. Cast a critical eye over your marketing strategy and ask what you could be doing better. Are you using stock imagery more than original content? Are you posting the same old tired blog ideas?
It's time to get inspired. And the word inspiration is key, spark your creativity but don't imitate.

It’s a divisive issue and we’d love to know what you think! When it comes to originality vs imitation, where do you draw the line? 

Join in the conversation over on our instagram, or pop in for a coffee and tell us what you really think!

Victoria Keyworth

With a compulsion for content writing and a head for campaign strategy, when your social media marketing needs a refresh this is the girl to do it.

Keeping one eye on what's trending and one eye on your next big idea, she can help you make sure you're always ahead of the curve. She's also a big fan of the proper use of semicolons.

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