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Social Media Marketing Programme

The Brief

Recognising that social media is an important tool to improve and promote brand image and generate more sales, Kate approached us to hear our ideas on a proposed social media strategy for her business.

Having very little in the way of brand presents on social media, Kate felt that her business was being left behind by her competitors. Herself and her team needed the benefit of our technical know-how and experience to determine the best way forward and deploy effective tactics to achieve results.

What we did

As with every new client project, we started the process by building a relationship with Kate and her team. We spent time together to really understand her business, her clients, her markets, her challenges, her opportunities and her competitors, who she aspired to be like, how she would like people to feel when they saw her products or brand image.
We then identified the most appropriate social media platforms and formulated the strategy to be deployed and the measures that we would use to assess effectiveness and set to work in deploying the campaigns.

Reviewing the website’s Google Analytics data, we observed that almost 50% of web traffic to the Kate Forman website was via a mobile device. This, coupled with the opinion that the brand image would be improved with a new, mobile friendly website with a clean, fresh and current design, lead to Kate’s decision to commission us to build a new e-commerce website.

How we helped

The results of the work in the last 10 months, although the work is still ongoing, can be seen in a number of different key performance indicators. For starters there has been a substantial increase in social following; twitter by 486.5%, facebook by 42.5%, pinterest 142.5%. We also have introduced, Instagram and Houzz which are also generating daily increments in follower growth.

Web traffic has increased on average by 5% per month as a direct result of posts plus, website goals such as online sales, newsletter sign-ups, brochure requests and cutting requests have increased (in truth, this is because they had never been recorded before but is still a good measure of the effectiveness of the campaigns and return on client investment.)

The new website was launched in July 2015 and so far, has been well received by customers on social media.

What they say

Why do you choose to work with Think Creative on your social media?

I noticed that many of my competitors were fully engaging in social media and I felt like my business was being left behind. Having limited time and resources to manage social media myself, I looked to outsource the task to a professional agency. Following my first meeting, I felt confident that Think Creative were the right people to work with. They listened carefully to what I needed and offered lots of practical ideas and shared experiences of strategies that have worked well with other clients they work with.

Karina, who manages social media at Think, is so enthusiastic. She plans and project manages our communications months in advance and, despite my initial resistance, has me writing a blog for the first time! She has spent a lot of time getting to understand my products, business and the industry as well as my personal style and brand so that when she speaks on my behalf on the various social media channels, she knows the style in which to communicate and to whom she is talking to. We meet regularly to review progress and she constantly challenges me to think of fresh content ideas and topics to talk about. Karina is constantly experimenting with posts and ads, measuring the results and tweaking the strategy. Every month I receive a report that shows me: how well my following is growing and how this compares to my competitors; how effective specific posts have been in driving traffic to the website and what social activity has resulted in goal conversions measured in Google analytics.

I've been working with Think Creative for just over 10 months now and since then, my social following has increased dramatically; twitter by 486.5%, facebook by 42.5%, pinterest 142.5% and they have introduced me to other platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr and Google+. In addition to follower growth, web traffic has also increased on average by 5% per month as a result of the social media posts. Karina warned me not to expect direct sales as a result of our social media efforts as it's more about raising brand awareness, so I was very pleased and surprised to have tangible results and see return on my investment into social in the form of online orders, newsletter sign-ups, brochure requests and cutting requests.

Think Creative are nice people and easy to work with. They are honest, open and reliable and their pricing is fair. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

Kate Forman

Kate Forman

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