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Choose what you need us to do for you

If you don’t quite know what you’re going to need, or you do, this package builder can help us understand how we can help.

I just need some develoment work done.
Visuals of the home page and a sample content page with mobile, tablet and desktop views.
A much more comprensive design to include use cases, wire frames, visuals for all key pages with mobile, tablet and desktop views illustrated.
Does it need to sell anything or take payments
There are no products to sell and it doesn't need to take payments
There are products and the site will need to take payments and process orders. We would use WooCommerce for this, a plugin which powers most Wordpress e-commerce.
Secure log-in
People will need to log in to see certain content (like a members area).
All website content will be visible to everybody
If you need to create a membership website or you've got content that should only be accessible to certain people.
Display projects or case studies
A really smart way of showing what your company has done (we’ll call it a portfolio).
We can just make regular pages to describe what you do if that's required
This makes for a convenient way to manage and display your work. There are many options available, including filtering and various animation effects.
Document repository
Documents for people to download.
You can still have links to downloads, just not a whole section full of documents with filtering to help people find what they want
A way for you to manage the documents in the backend and a smart interface on the front end with filtering.
Web app
The look and feel of an app and some specific functionality
Just a regular website
It needs to behave like an app, be really good on a mobile and do something quite bespoke which probably isn’t available off the shelf.

If you woudn’t...

...go to a meeting in bad shoes

Then don’t go to a meeting with a poorly designed website. They always look at it. Just like your shoes.

wordpress backend screen

Design doesn’t affect search rank.

Oh yes it does.

The better the design, the better the user experience, the more engaged they’ll be, the lower the bounce rate. Google and Bing add it all up and it does make a difference.

35% of all websites

Are built in Wordpress.

That’s what Wordpress say.

A selection of our WordPress websites

Here is a selection of our recent WordPress website design.
To view more follow the link to our portfolio.

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