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Website Design

Good design is an important investment. Your website’s ability to sell, generate leads and rank well in search engines is heavily influenced by the design. It’s a mixture of science, best practice and intuition. Here’s our process.


web design discover meetings, competitor anaysis

Discovery meetings, competitor analysis, stakeholders, research, ideas

We spend time understanding your brand values and tone, the purpose of the site, looking at competitor sites and building a series of mood boards to try to explain our various strands of thinking. We’ll present that to you and work with you to arrive at a broad direction to take the design.


Business goals, audiences, use cases and user flows

Working with you we’ll explore the business goals and audiences. It will then be possible to create all the ‘use cases’ and from the user cases develop the user flows. The user flows will influence the design. We’ll provide documentation for this step.

web design business goals, use cases, user flows


web design key page mockups

Key page design mock ups in Adobe XD

Working in Adobe XD, we can quickly turn design ideas into mock up pages which you can view as if they were web pages. You can add comments and we can then work in your modifications. This cycle continues until approval. Most clients like to know what the key pages are going to look like, which often sets the style and structure for the rest of the site, before wireframes are produced.



The wireframes (some people call them screen structure diagrams) are not pretty, but are important in terms of pinning down exactly what content is going to appear where. Some sites will require a wireframe for every page, others may only need a few.

web design wireframes


web design wireframes

More mock ups

It may be the case that some more pages that now have wireframes need some work to show what they’ll look like.


Supply finished design documents

We’ll supply a mixture of PDFs and links to Adobe XD which can be used to develop the site.

web design documents

Remember, this is just the design, not the development

You can give our design to your developer or have us do the development work

Web design sub projects

During the design process, apart from occasionally causing our clients to re-examine their business processes, we’ll often work on design sub projects. These additions to the style guidelines can ultimately be used across other online channels and other media.

web design icon colour palette

Expand the colour palette

You may have a colour palette within your brand guidelines, or colours may be dictated by an existing logo. We’ll often need to add to these existing colours. Generally we’ll choose colours to create light tints and perhaps a secondary accent colour.

web design icon image styling

Determine image styling

The website images should look as though they share a common ‘look’. We can create the style and document it so that other images can be modified to match.

web design icon illustration

Create a style for illustrations

The website may need illustrations. They will need a style which ties them into the overall design. One of the best ways to improve engagement and ergo search weight is to improve what may be considered ‘dry’ tranches of text with illustrations. Remember, some people only look at the pictures.

web design icon image styling

Design or curate icon set

Icons are great for livening up content, drawing the user’s eye and reinforcing a design style in what otherwise might be a text heavy environment. There are libraries of icons available to buy or we can design from scratch.

web design icon colour palette

Design a user interface (UI)

UI design is often done as part of the site design, but you may require all the elements in a separate document.

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