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What we’re thinking

Stay ahead with fast, reliable web hosting

Stay ahead with fast, reliable web hosting

You know how valuable your website is, so don’t skimp on how it is hosted or the technical support you will need

Rawberry coffee

Top 10 ways to be your most productive self

After extensive scientific and social research we've come up with the 10 definitive ways to be more productive

shopify icon

The rise of e-commerce – Why Shopify rules retail

Flexibility, simplicity and style – find out why we think shopify has the e-commerce edge

good design icon

Why is good design necessary for good marketing?

We take a look at why, when it comes to marketing, design > content

social media goals infographic

Social media for small businesses – where do you start?

Social media can be overwhelming. We've put together some top tips for small businesses to become #InstaFamous

instagram follower building

Thinking about buying followers? Think again

Why more (fake) followers no longer = more success

think easter sign

Originality, does it still matter in modern marketing?

When it comes to marketing and branding, orginality is such a divisive issue...

mandala by emily

Work experience with Think Creative

Hello, my name is Emily and I've been spending a few days with the team here at Think Creative on my Work Experience placement.

Winchester Business Excellence Awards 2017

Winchester Business Excellence Awards 2017

The Winchester Business Excellence Awards took place on Friday night and we were honoured to be shortlisted for the Service Excellence Award...

Park Winchester App

Park Winchester App

Late last year Winchester BID approached us with a bright idea; an app that shows which parking spaces are available in the major car parks in Winchester...

blog creative blocks

5 top tips to break through your creative block

Stuck on that important project? Can't break through that creative wall? We've got a few tips to smash that block into smithereens...

blog instagram

10 blog ideas for your business to steal

Finding it hard to come up with amazing blog ideas? ... or any blog ideas at all? We're here to help!

critiquing design

A client's guide to critiquing design

My top tips for figuring out exactly what you want from your designer, and how to make it happen...

website loading speed

I feel the need... the need for speed

and so does Google! Find out why they're cracking down on poor website speed...

creative to the core

Creativity at the core of modern marketing

Our top 5 creative tactics to introduce into your marketing plan in 2016...

The surprising way bad weather can boost your creativity

Is the British Summer getting you down? Find out how all this rain can actually work wonders for your productivity...

Putting the social back into social media marketing

Is your business using social media marketing for the right reasons? Here are my top 5 tips for using it effectively...

Content marketing – what is it good for?

Absolutely everything! Let us tell you why good content might just be the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal...

Build your brand part 2 – spread the word

When you've created a brand to be proud of, you're going to want to show it off, but how?

10 ways to use Pinterest effectively for business

Who doesn't love a good Pinterest browse! But Pinterest also makes an incredibly effective social media tool for business, we show you how to use it the right way for the right results.

Digital Marketing Training

Last week we gave a talk on 'the good and bad in web design'. We love opportunities to share our knowledge and experiences, you even can download our free presentation in this post!

Build your brand part 1 – define yourself

The first in our 'build your brand' series, we take a look at why it's important to know exactly who you want to be!

Interactive cat built with CSS and JS

Check out this amazing cat created by Karim Maaloul. Built entirely from CSS and Javascript. Move around his ball of wool and see how he interacts!

Targeting mobile users with a new responsive website

Today we launched the brand new website for The Tinnitus Clinic, the leading provider of the latest evidence-based tinnitus treatments in the UK. They wanted to target their growing mobile audience so we created a bespoke 'mobile-first' solution for their new website.

Google reward sites for responsive design

We have always stressed the importance of responsive website design to our clients and we all know that having a mobile friendly website is good for usability, but Google is now taking it one step further by introducing ranking signals based on mobile-friendliness.

New website for Xylostream

We were asked to create a brand new site for Xylostream, a leader in HEVC compression focused on enabling the highest quality Ultra HD television.

Oxyless Website Launch

Oxyless asked Think Creative to produce a simple website to back-up international interest in an exciting new medical initiative.

New Think Creative Website launch

To coincide with our move to our brand new design studio on 88-89 High Street, Winchester, we have launched a new website for Think Creative!

Need a Google Partner? Talk to Think Creative

If you’re considering using Google AdWords for the first time to reach customers at the exact time that they are looking for your services or struggling to get the best out of your existing campaigns then talking to a Google Partner is a great place to start.

New Think Creative Office!

As some of you may or may not know over the last few months we have been preparing for a huge milestone in the Think Creative journey.

Amit Shimoni’s ‘Hipsters’

Israeli illustrator Amit Shimoni has created a cheeky series that imagines some of the world’s most famous prominent leaders and cultural icons as modern-day hipsters.

The Internet Map

At Think Creative we all have a bit of a geeky side, this website in particular caught the attention of my inner nerd! Go to the Internet map and zoom in and out to see how these highly recognised websites are all related.

Emoji Characters

Emoji Characters are fast becoming a part of standard text speak. Anyone with an iPhone will be familiar with these little emotive icons.

Barisieur Alarm Clock wakes you up!

When morning comes, most caffeine addicts fiendishly anticipate their first coffee fix. A morning ritual for many includes the painful alarm clock buzz, quickly followed by the sleepy-eyed preparation of a freshly brewed mug. But what if your alarm could make your coffee for you?

Chartered Surveryor's Website now live!

We have recently completed a fun and exciting new website project for the wonderful people at Glanfield Holmlund.

Graffiti Boeing 737 for Brazil 14

Dozens of portraits, meant to represent the people of the brazilian culture, are rendered in artists’ signature style on a Boeing 737.

Work experience at Think Creative

Hello, my name’s Amy, and I have just completed a week of work experience with the ThinkCreative team at their thriving design studio in the heart of Winchester.

Image is everything on social!

My inspiration for this blog post came from a conversation I had with a client during a social media strategy meeting recently. We were talking about how emotive channels like facebook can be.

How to configure an email account on the iPhone

How to configure an email account on the iPhone.

Google Maps lets you catch Pokemon!

April Fool’s Day has arrived and this year Google has us interacting with Google Maps on our iOS or Android Apps!

Smartwatch Concept by Gabor Balogh

Product designer Gábor Balogh has come up with these stunning designs for a new smartwatch based on the Walter Nevil design by Triwa.

3 Reasons To Use (Good) Infographics In Your Content

Engage with your customers by using clear infographics to display your content!

The www. Map

The map of the Internet was created by Graphic Designer & Slovakian student, Martin Vargic. The map is divided into categorized continents, which are then further detailed with countries.

Take a look at Search Engine Watch

Many of our clients are finding Search Marketing is key to their business growth. Significant investment is often required to rank highly and produce enquiries.

So you think you want an App?

We often meet people who want a mobile app to accompany their website. In nearly all cases, what they really want is the look and experience of an app, but not the additional functionality that an app could provide.

Harvey and Rabbit

F.R.I.EN.D.S. do you really need them.. yes! This video is cheering us up on this freezing cold day!

Kano: a computer anyone can make

London-based creative studio MAP project has collaborated with computer start-up Kano to create a hands-on DIY computing kit using a raspberry pi.


If you go to google images and type in: ’241543903′ you will see hundreds of images of people with their heads in a freezer!!

Getting a Lightbox to work with Elastislide

Recently I was working on a web design project and I needed to get the jQuery plugin fancybox to work with the jQuery carousel Elastislide.